How to use the Icewolf Retriever


Warning: Do not break fishing line before attempting retrieval. It is important to position yourself directly over the snagged deep diver for the best results. Secure the end of the cord. I always wrap the cord around my wrist with a quick knot. Open the snap hook and close it around your fishing line. Slide the retriever down the line until it reaches your lure. Once the lure retriever reaches the lure jiggle the cord until the chain catches the hook of the lure. Then pull up on the cord. You have just saved your favorite lure. The Icewolf Retriever will work in up to 20 feet of water and it is easy to use. No long poles that take up space and are hard to use. Fits into most tackle boxes or slip it into your jacket pocket.

WARNING: NOT A TOY! Do not allow children to play with The Icewolf Lure Retriever. Do not use in an unsafe manner or any manner that is not the original intended use of lure retrieving. Position directly over snagged deep diver. Be sure the end of the cord is secured. Use trigger to open snap hook. Put around fishing ling and release trigger. NOTE: DO NOT RELEASE CORD. Let lure retriever slide down the line till it reaches deep diver. Jiggle chains with cord until the hooks catch in the chains then pull The Icewolf Lure Retriever and the lure up with the cord. Be careful not to let hooks poke you while removing the lure from the chains.